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Opinion Media Oy is a young startup. We believe that there are new ways to express and share opinions. There are always a lot of good questions to be asked, answered and commented. And you should also be able to ask and share them yourself. That is the idea Poltaire is based on.

Poltaire is most of all entertainment. But there is also the serious side. People’s opinion do count in a democracy, a democracy needs people’s opinions. If you can ask whatever you like, if you can answer whatever you like, and if you can also see what other people think around you, would that be an essential part of a democracy. Decisions and actions are always preceded by questions, “should we build this school”. In a way Poltaire can be seen as Democracy 2.0.

Democracy gives rights but it also gives responsibilities. As you ask and answer whatever you like, you also need to remember the rights of other people. More or less they are your neighbors.

We have a lot of ideas how to develop the site further. We think that this is just a beginning.

At the moment Poltaire site is at beta testing phase. It means that questions and answer results should basically work and we would be very happy if we get user feedback. We would be very grateful if you let us know if you encounter any errors. Any development ideas would also be very valuable.

You are welcome to answer and comment the questions. You are also welcome to create questions of your own. You can also share questions to social media.

We hope that you will find the Poltaire site interesting.


Opinion Media Team



Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.
The important thing is not to stop questioning.
Albert Einstein



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