Asked: 10 months ago  (16.4.2017, 6:56)
Answered: 2 weeks ago  (10.2.2018, 20:05)

What will the Nokia stock (NOKIA) price (EUR) be when the Nasdaq Helsinki is closed on Nokia's next quarterly results day (27.4.2017). What is your forecast.

You can forecast once a day. The idea is that you may have better information today than you had yesterday. And if a lot of information is gathered together, perhaps we have an estimate. Let's see, if the crowd forecasting works.

Last forecasting day is 26.4, the day before Nokia's results. Nokia close when this question was done (16.4) was 4.95 EUR.
Forecasting is over, Nokia close on 27.4 was 5.19 EUR. Nokia close on 26.4 was 4.97 EUR.

See the forecasting results below. In the picture you can see the course between 13.4 and 27.4 (
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